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A cutting-edge and top-design facility, Šarlota strives to meet the individual needs of its clients in every way.

In addition to the high-quality accommodation, Šarlota Resort offers comprehensive health and personal care services.

The care is provided by registered nurses, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, a nutritional therapist, personal assistants and external experts.

Health and personal care is available on a 24/7 basis as the client requires. The same applies to the availability of nurses and personal assistants in the vicinity of the rooms as well as two health & personal care units per floor.

While respect for privacy and wishes of guests matters at Šarlota, loneliness is something that clients never experience with the variety of leisure, social, educational, physical and creative programmes, as well as meetings and public lectures held regularly which support the good mental and physical well-being of Šarlota clients.

The type of stay and the extent of care is agreed with each applicant and their family on an individual basis. Discussions, medical documentation and doctors’ recommendations, along with an in-house examination, form the basis for Šarlota staff in charge to propose the type and extent of care, and to produce a personal calculation of the rate for accommodation and services.

Šarlota Resort & Care Prosečnice 10, 257 42 Krhanice

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