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Wellness. i.e. feeling well, is the way of life at the Šarlota Resort.

The mental, physical and social well-being and the alignment between the mind and the body is promoted through a comprehensive range of wellness treatments and exercises.

Šarlota combines the look and comfort to offer a full range of means of therapy, whether electric, mechanical, or magnetic, plus there is physical therapy and a number of diagnosis-specific massages delivering both therapy and pure relaxation. Other efficient treatments include paraffin packs and cupping therapy.


Equipment includes whirlpool baths with a wide range of hydro procedures intended to relax the muscles and revitalise the joints of the upper/lower extremities or even the whole body; all types of baths are available, including relaxation, calming down, boosting, lymphatic baths and more.

Clients with reduced mobility can make use of a special bath which is designed with a side entrance.

Overall care of the body and mind include diverse exercises to strengthen the muscle mass, including the deep stabilisation system, fine motor skills, etc. Regular exercises take place in a specially designed gym or, in fine weather, on an artificial outdoor turf. If necessary, such activities can be carried out in the privacy of clients’ own rooms.

The range of services is fully tailored to the current needs of both the Resort clients and visitors seeking high-quality wellness schemes

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