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The rational diet that forms the basis of the culinary arts at Šarlota Resort is the right path to good physical and mental health of clients.

Preparing food makes use of fresh, seasonal, top-quality products and ingredients as well as plenty of vegetables and fruit that come directly from Šarlota’s own greenhouse and garden as do the herbs which complete the meals.


Šarlota’s clients are regularly involved in preparing certain desserts.


The gastronomical experience is boosted not only through the taste and appearance of meals, but also through the serving culture in the pleasant atmosphere of the canteen and café or individually in rooms as specified by the guest. 

The daily diverse menu is compiled following the principles of a fully-fledged rational diet with adjustments for special diets (diabetes/sparing diet) and with respect for client-specific tastes and requirements. The quantities and ratios of nutrients, vitamins and minerals served within six daily dishes comply with the optimal nutritional value. Mechanical modification of food or adding nutritional drinks to the diet, if necessary, is commonplace. Attention is paid to the drinking regimen.

If a guest wishes to relax in the comfort and privacy of their own room, meals are brought directly into the room. The room service personnel deliver à la carte food. If desired, the meal can be prepared based on the individual needs of the guest.

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