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As a dedicated resort, Šarlota offers high-quality hotel accommodation associated with health and personal care services.


Surrounded by an English park, a garden and woods, the extensive, barrier-free facility is located in the best possible setting in the picturesque and climatically ideal area of the River Sázava Region.

Clients are offered accommodation in south-facing rooms of varied sizes. Each of the four floors has its social rooms designed for a variety of activities and rest; in addition, there are medical staff and personal assistant units.

The premises include a reception desk, a restaurant, a café and a bistro, a wellness centre, a fine arts & handicraft studio, a room for music therapy, a library with a reading room and a doctor’s room, plus there are hairdressing, manicure & pedicure salons.

The recently redesigned English park offers barrier-free, circular paths to take a walk as well as a promenade with a sheltered terrace.

Relaxation is possible in an outdoor resting facility with beds and a view of the adjacent orchard and surrounding great outdoors.

The comfort of the stay is supported through the clear guidance system and the ever-present communication system.

Šarlota Resort & Care Prosečnice 10, 257 42 Krhanice

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